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What I am About


Todd Rankin

My agenda is simple....and it all starts with people.

Happy locals are the foundation of a strong community.  If locals are happy and thriving, with an amazing quality of life, then they are in a position to simultaneously serve and welcome our second home owners and visitors, who are also key components of our community.


Right now, the biggest challenge in our community starts with housing.  (But it isn't our only challenge.)


In order to have baristas at The Crown, patrolers opening terrain at our ski area, nurses at our clinics, and to have Soupzon open after 4pm, we need to boldy address housing for locals or we risk diminishing the Breck brand and losing what many of us love most about living here....the locals that make this a fantastic place to live, raise a family, recreate, work and run a business.


Breck has been a leader over the last 2 decades when it comes to housing for our community.  The work in the Wellington, Lincoln Park, Alta Verde 1 and 2, Pinewood 2, Blue 52 and Block 11 are all important pieces in solving our housing crisis, but we need more.


Solving this is going to require creativity in working with existing large businesses in our community, working with the private sector and also with other government entities in Summit County and the state to dramatically increase the supply of available housing. 


However, housing isn't our only challenge.


We also need to continue to innovatively address our dire childcare needs in this community. We lose too many future leaders when they can't figure out working and raising a family here. 


Open space management is also evolving and we need to be a leader in the state on this issue. It is important that we manage our open space and events so that our locals feel recharged and not burned out and overwhelmed. 


Happy and welcoming locals are the key to the success of our community.  It drives great experiences at our restaurants, at our ski area and on our trails.  It protects our property values and ensures thriving businesses. 


In short, happy locals, with an amazing quality of life, are my agenda.  If we have abundance there, the rest will work out just fine. 



Todd Rankin


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